Sculpture of Existence & the Torch of Fire -Hollow Sculpture- Bronze

This Life-sized hollow sculpture, found in the center of the old city of Beit Sahour, is very intricately carved and detailed piece.

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Created with utmost creativity, the sculpture’s idea is to personify each and every individual, man and woman, whom ever lived in the holy land. I am sure that so many generations with eternal unknown memory ; in which their existence date back to thousands of years; have contributed to passing virtue, morals, culture, and much more to us, but with no trace of them  to be found documented today. Therefore, this sculpture is not just an embodiment of all who have passed through this land, but also an honoring

gesture from someone who have their blood-line, and wouldn’t have been here today without their determination to create life and continue living; passing secrets of life from one generation to the next, until we are here today looking at this hollow sculpture which is mirroring us, who live today on this very land.

Aside from bearing a resemblance to a man and a woman; in a gentle gesture to gender equality, the statue has a torch that we do light up in special occasions in our little town of the shepherds: Beit Sahour. Fire is light, and as people living on this land we have – metaphorically speaking – dark tunnels either on our personal day to day life, or on a wider level. If there was no light at the end of these tunnels, life would have stopped at a certain era, but it didn’t! Which is confirmed by the virtues, morals, hopes, dreams, and determination to live and thrive…all of life secrets that were passed to us; exactly as this torch of fire is passed from one hand to another throughout centuries in occasions that support hope.

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