Every Family is Holy- Hollow Sculptor-Bronze

Hollow sculptures are one of my favorite creations, as it bears different meanings depending on the “eyes of the beholder”.

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This Holy Family sculpture consists of two cloaks, with a new-born’s depiction blended with it. In our Christian faith, having the Holy Family illustration is considered a very powerful source of protection of families and homes.

For those who are starting new families, purchasing homes or moving, this is considered the ideal gift.

This sculpture is a powerful reminder of the Holy Family’s virtues and is the standard by which every family should strive to follow and create wholesome family units. Especially with the hollow factor added to the statue, it is even more powerful to always attempt to see yourselves inside those cloaks, in other words, inside the Holy Family’s shoes, in which rises the sense of their blessed life by the Lord to be felt by you! A powerful faith prayer of blessing indeed.

The cloak is a metaphor with multiple meanings and the variety of names given to this piece of art are clear proof of that

If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, beauty doesn’t exist on its own… but is created by observers…

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