The Hero

So, you!!


Get closer to the sculpture…

look deep into the hero inside yourself…

This is the story of “The Hero “…

The whole history without a single word…

The closer you get to yourself, the closer you get to the truth…

Tariq Salsa



Width 76 cm
Height 81 cm


Once you get closer to “The Hero” the Palestinian Kufeyah sculpture and look at the reflection of your eyes inside it, you will find yourself in an attempt to ask yourself, “Are you that hero?”, “Do you really believe in humanity and Justice?”

“The Kufeyah” which represents a Palestinian Canaanite symbol, has been closely associated with the Palestinian cause and the authenticity of Palestinians, spanning thousands of years through Semitic civilizations, the ancestors of the Palestinians and the original owners of this land.

This piece of art, “The Hero”, is a series continuation of previous Kufeyah masked artistic master piece sculptures, represented earlier by “The Holy Nakba” and “Kanaan” and other empty models that reaffirm our pride as a Palestinians in the Kufeyah.

This Kufeyah with its special design and patterns, that simulates a fishing net design, refers to the fishing craft that Palestinians have practiced decades ago to this day. While the shapes of olive trees stacked next to each other, designed to show Palestinian’s deep connection to their land, their resilience,struggle, and steadfastness. All combined with parallel lines that looks like roads referring to the significant history of Palestine and its location, that is strategically situated between three continents, and signifies crossroads for religion, culture, commerce, and politics.


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