Grandfather.. The Master Bronze

A statute is made of clay in a mold of Silicon and layers of fiber glass with flings of bronze (a size of a man).

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Bishara Mousa Salsa’ from the years …. He worked on developing the craft of sculpting stones. His works and the work of his sons, among them was my father Na’eem Salsa’ were presented as gifts to the Pope at the Vatican and to the late King Hussein and King Abdallah of Jordan. In addition to stone sculpting alters of churches

BFTA that is interested in crafts and arts have asked me to create a bronze statue of an artist dressed in traditional clothes. I have prepared a sketch which I am still keeping in my drawer. It has been decades since I have created this picture and proud of it. This picture was for one of the prominent leaders in Palestine and it’s time to honor him.


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