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Passion is the force that drives us! And I am driven by my passion for sculpturing…

Creation is magnificent. The world of sculpturing provides each person the opportunity to dive into the realms of creation. 


A storm of thoughts mixed with all what you have accumulated throughout your life journey is brought into reality.


All the lessons learned and all the wisdom gained from experiences that had shaped your beliefs and principles are poured into one sculpture.


Experiences that allowed the broadening of your perspective and perception of life, people, opportunities, failure, and success. Experiences that contribute in surfacing all of the overwhelming interchangeable emotions that aid the creation of a new sculpture.

It is not just a blob of unbaked clay, or a raw piece of wood, but each piece is a new opportunity of creation and breathing life into the material in hand until it is brought to life and that’s when life and passion is every time revived in me.
I keep in mind while working a quote coming from one of the most renowned Artists throughout history:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” – Michel Angelo –

are produced and designed and created by me. Most of the pieces begin from clay and a mold where they are modeled with few editions are made from each.
There is a possibility of making some pieces with any idea or form with any size and of any kind of material.

There is either a story or an event behind each sculpted master piece. some of these stores could not be told through words but rather through that are added from soul and heart.

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